DNA Confirmation

DNA fingerprinting completes the patient’s diagnosis to ensure the appropriate personalized treatment

Be DNA Certain™ that lab specimens actually belong to the patient being evaluated. Our DNA Specimen Provenance Assignment (DSPA) testing protects your laboratory across the entire diagnostic testing cycle.

Strand Diagnostics’ DSPA test is a molecular diagnostic test used to definitively assign biopsy specimen identity for cancer and other histopathological conditions to the correct patient. A DNA profile from both the tissue sample (in question) and the patient’s reference sample (taken via buccal swab) are compared to confirm a match. Matching DNA profiles confirms the biopsy results belong to the patient being evaluated.

Your Trusted Partner

An Advocate in Patient & Practice Safety

Let Strand Diagnostics be your trusted partner to provide DNA confirmation when needed for your biopsy specimens. Strand Diagnostics has a long history as a comprehensive provider of identify confirmation testing services, solving complex problems in the criminal justice system (supporting US law enforcement agencies with forensic DNA testing) and our life sciences division utilizing the know error® system. Our DNA testing brings patient safety and diagnostic accuracy throughout the diagnostic testing cycle.

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