Prostate Kit Components

The know error® system provides the components for confirming the assigned patient and ruling out contamination errors in the diagnostic process. Use your curser to pause (hover over) and advance the graphics (click the arrows).

Know Error Prostate Kit

Know Error Kits

The know error® system enhances diagnostic accuracy by ruling out contamination and switching errors that can occur during the biopsy process.

prostate kit opens

Prostate Biopsy Kit

All Know Error prostate kits contain the components necessary for DNA testing and biopsy collection.

prostate kit patient info card

Patient Information Card

The Patient Information Card provides the patient with answers to common questions about DNA testing.

DNA Reference Swabs

DNA Reference Swabs

Cheek swabs are for collecting the patient’s DNA reference sample before the biopsy procedure.

Biopsy Collection Vials

Biopsy Collection Vials

Each formalin-filled collection vial is specifically bar coded for use with this kit.

Biopsy Collection Vials and Part D Box

Biopsy Collection

The 16 vial insert, labeled for left and right biopsy locations, and orange Part D box are sent to pathology.

Pathology Components

Pathology Components

The Part D box contains vials for sending the tissue scrolls taken from positive for cancer biopsy specimens to Strand Diagnostics for DNA analysis.

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